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Dmitry Dyuzhev in "Eugene Onegin"
Presentation in Russian.

Dmitry Dyuzhev, a famous Russian actor, will present to viewers the most famous and most significant work of the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin "Eugene Onegin".

Alexander Pushkin's masterpiece is still loved and revered by millions of people.
Of course, such a performance is one of the most interesting genres, where the performer, together with the audience, re-interprets the “encyclopedia of Russian life”.
Each such performance is made "here and now" and therefore is an absolutely unique phenomenon.

The music of the outstanding Soviet composer Sergei Prokofiev, written specifically for the play "Eugene Onegin" in the famous Chamber Theater, will sound in the play.

Performance Director: People's Artist of Russia M. Antonina Kuznetsova.

The refined and spiritual performance “Eugene Onegin” performed by Dmitry Dyuzhev will help to re-evaluate the masterpiece of world literature.

Pleasant viewing!
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