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театр Форма

"SNY in a summer night"
THEATER FORMA performance
(in Russian)
Director - Juliana Berezhnaya

We all see dreams ... we love to dream ... After all, everything is possible in them ...
Dream Mystery "S.N.Y in the summer night ..."

5 brave actors and one, a little crazy director, went on a psychological journey through the wilds of the subconscious, where the boundaries of reality and sleep are erased, where the secret becomes apparent, where miracles happen and love and feelings overcome fears and doubts.

The director hints at the title that the play is based on the work of William Shakespeare, but in fact he allowed himself to go beyond the limits of the structure of the play. The performance has its own interpretation, born of actor's interactions, samples, improvisations, musical and plastic immersions during the rehearsal process.
It will be interesting, bright, exciting and unpredictable both for the audience and for the participants of the process themselves.
After all, this is a dream, and in dreams, everything is possible ...

Running time - 1 hour 50 minutes

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