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Stas Mikhailov
Stas Mikhailov - anniversary concert - "Everything is for you".
Sep 28, 2019
Prague | Forum Karlin | 19:30

Stas Mikhailov celebrates his fiftieth anniversary in 2019. On this occasion, he will present a new program called “Everything is for you” to his fans. His repertoire will appear in all its diversity - from subtle lyric romances to energetic dance compositions.
Stas Mikhailov's charisma invariably conquers the audience, because at every concert he not only performs songs one after another, but vividly responds to the mood of the hall, communicates with those present. Therefore, his performances always give vivid experiences that remain in the memory for a long time.

The popularity came to the artist not so long ago, but in many of his songs, such sincere and familiar intonations are heard that it seems to the audience that they always knew these compositions. The fascinating voice of Stas Mikhailov is always filled with emotions - love, passion, romantic feelings. The unique charm of the performances gives the artist charm. No wonder that whatever style he chooses for a new song, it turns out to be a real hit! Stas Mikhailov many times became the winner of All-Russian awards, such as "Golden Gramophone" and "Chanson of the Year", participated in popular festivals, twice received the award "Stars of the Road Radio".  

Catch the moment, buy a ticket to the concert of Stas Mikhailov in Europe. His new program “Everything is for you” tells stories that everyone can understand - about thoughts, events and experiences that a person encounters on the path of life. A concert inspired by the holiday atmosphere will give you positive emotions and a bright mood!
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