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Stas Mikhailov 2021
Stas Mikhailov - Eurotour 2021
May 27, 2021
Prague | Forum Karlin | 19:30

A favorite of the public, the idol of millions, one of the most charismatic artists of our stage invites you to his concerts in Germany and the Czech Republic in 2021!
What is the phenomenon of the popularity of Stas Mikhailov? Every woman falls under his charm. Indeed, Stas Mikhailov is the only man on the stage who does not abuse costumes, crazy antics and scandals. He honestly and sincerely addresses women and wishes them simple but important happiness - to be loved.
We can confidently call Stas a poet of the beginning of our century, because no one has spoken so beautifully and at the same time so clearly about love from the stage. Like Sergei Yesenin, whose fan is Stas, he sincerely carries his feelings and thoughts to the public.
Each performance of this artist is not like the previous one, because any concert Stas builds right on the stage, communicating with the audience in between songs. And it is precisely these “random listeners” who will discover the artist’s work again. They will see Mikhailov both in a familiar way and in a new role - a philosopher, a dreamer and a wanderer.
Not only 100% hits will be performed at the concert of Stas Mikhailov, but also new compositions will be performed, revealing the current state of mind of the singer, his inner world, fully opening only at concerts.

We wish you a wonderful viewing!
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