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For the first time in Prague
Concert of the Georgian folk ensemble Suliko

The ensemble of soloists of the Tbilisi Opera "Suliko", created in 2007:
- This is one of the most popular folklore ensembles in Georgia
- This is a unique team, without exaggeration,
- This is the only ensemble of Georgian folklore music in the world, which is performed by opera soloists
- They are favorites of the public, both in Georgia and abroad.

Georgian music, folklore, and many-voiced singing became a brand of Georgia. Very many people in the world liked Georgian music. It everywhere produces a fascinating, indelible impression.

"Suliko" performed in Germany, France, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey, Greece, Israel, America with great success.

In their repertoire: folklore, Georgian city songs (romances), performed in polyphony.

Many times the ensemble took part in official receptions of the Georgian embassies in the territories of different countries. He was awarded with state awards.
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